Monday, August 19, 2013

Winston's 2nd Birthday!

 Sweet Winston! Our smart, athletic, energetic, hilarious, little man. He turned two mid June and we celebrated in true second-child fashion: half-heartedly! Just kidding, but I definitely put a little less worry (not thought, just the stress) into the whole thing. I took them to McDonald's for lunch and we went INSIDE! Hey, that's a big deal for us. And the play-land was surprisingly clean and kind of fun. They had all of these cute instrument-themed toys that made music when you danced on them, slid down on it etc...  The played for about an hour and I felt like we did something that they actually wanted to do versus what I want them to do. And it was air-conditioned, so, yay.
 Geetaah! (According to Winston.)
 Opening some presents while Eleanor and neighbor Charlotte look on. He got a train set, a bunch of cars, a road play-mat carpet and a motorcycle from the Dollar store that stole the show. I love that a dollar can make his life.
 Blurry picture, but oh man, is that they cutest face ever? It is.
 I bought cupcakes. I bought cars. Voila, he was happy.
Again, the $1 motorcycle stole the show.
  My parents got a swing-set for their backyard. Or, actually, my dad got Winston a swing-set for their backyard.
Despite the look on his face (hilarious) he loves the swing. It's been a real shame that it's been so miserably hot outside that I rarely let them out to play on it. Come onnnnnn Autumn!


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