Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All Winston

Once again, so behind! My computer keeps telling me my start up disc is full despite my deleting all kinds of gigs or ram or whatever. (Gee, can you see why I have computer problems?) So it wont let me download my pictures until I clear up more space. BUT I DID CLEAR UP MORE SPACE! Arggghhhh! Sorry, anyhow, I did get a few pictures off and need to catch up. So let's get started.

Did you know sweet Winston is 9 months old? Yeah, I didn't either. Kidding, but seriously, this boy's first year is screaming by and I REALLY need it to slow down. Winston is hilarious. His first two bottom teeth came in on Christmas and two fangs came in a bit after. It's such a funny vampire look. His middle top teeth are making their entrance now and the poor guy is really feeling it. He's been crawling army/zombie style since early December as well, but finally switched to the traditional way a few weeks ago. And he is fast. Egads, he can make a run for it. Soon after we returned to Michigan I found him by our front door when he had been downstairs. That meant that he climbed half the stairs by himself. Oh thank you Heavenly angels for that one. We now have a fabric "barrier" gate at the bottom and the real gate installed at the top. If anyone is slow to shut them, they usually have to pick him up as he will be RIGHT THERE trying to get through. He is still tall for his age, his weight is about average and his head still threatens to take over the world. Yeah, hats don't fit so well. His hair is decidedly blond (Yay! Go team Mom!) and his eyes are a olive-grey kind of color that changes in the light. He's still cute. Here, see for yourself!

Trying to get a shot of his "fangs".
A typical face when faced with mashed peas. He will kind of eat them, whereas they were Eleanor's favorite. He must take after his uncle Tom. He also dislikes bananas. Weird.
More fangs.
Early in learning to stand-up he would climb up all kinds of things and get stuck. Like his swing here. This is before he got reeeeallly panicked and upset.
Winston's official chore is to unload each and every bookshelf in the house. He also likes to find any storage boxes and empty them, too. Here he got high centered on one. Ha!
I heard a cranky baby in his crib and went in to find this. He could not get unwrapped for the life of him and was ticked. For the record, Eleanor put that blanket in there for him when she woke up. She likes to give him things in the morning, toys, binkies etc... to try and make him be quiet. The girl likes her sleep. Wonder where she gets that?
Another time I heard him crying after his nap. I came in to find this. This is before he could get down from standing up. That was a laaaaaame week or two as anytime he would wake up, he would immediately climb up and get angry. Several times a night. As you can see here, in the dark he climbed up the wrong side of the crib and was stuck there.
Yes I took several pictures as we laughed at him. He has since learned to get up AND down and life is so much easier for all of us.
He loves the bath!
Can you believe he has already outgrown his swing, the bumbo and his little exercise saucer too? Stop growing!
Back when he enjoyed rice cereal. Honestly! This boy moves on from milestone to milestone faster than I can keep up. Obviously faster than I can blog. He hates being spoon fed now and it can take up to and hour to finish some pears or squash. It's all about finger foods now, but I've yet to find the time to steam and cut up squash or the other 70 fruits and vegetables I should be feeding him, which is why I am still trying the purees. He gets a lot of frozen peas, cheerios, puffs and pancakes.
Crawling over and under everything.

With his neighbor friend, Zach.
Showing Eleanor how to work it in a photo. She still wants to hold him like a baby, even though he is only about 6-7 inches shorter and maybe 7-8 pounds lighter.
A happier crib experience, lest you think it's all awful in there. This is usually what we see when he wakes up. He takes 2 good naps a day or 3 crummy ones and mostly sleeps through the night! He's only been sleeping through the night for less than a month, so we are still a little unsure if we can celebrate yet.
This boy looooooves the dishwasher. Anytime I am loading or unloading he will scurry over to start unloading the plates for me or try to climb in.
Maybe he has an illustrious career ahead of him as a professional dishwasher. We will train him well in the craft, just in case. I'll hang this picture over the dishwasher to remind him in his teenage years.
Oh, their bookshelf. Here he is, hard at work. I usually try to wedge the books on the bottom three rows so tight that he can't get them out. It only kind of worked.
I generally would leave the shelves like this, because what was the point? He would unload them several times a day, but is now down to maybe once a week. I think the novelty has worn off. Hopefully!
Well, that's a Winston update. Eleanor just had her third birthday and there are hundreds of pictures that I want to share, just because. Fingers crossed I can figure out where all of the storage issues are on my computer and catch up!


Polatis Potatoe Eaters said...

Wow He is getting so big! Has it really already been 9 months?! Crazy how time flys. Hopefully we'll get to see him in person before he gets really really bug! Hope everything is going good in Michigan!

Ann said...

I love these pictures! He is so grown up! He has got the cutest little smile! And man is he all over the place! You've got your work cut out for you!

Adam Howell said...

Melissa and Matt said...

That is one cute boy!!! Looks like the busy kind of boys I am use to. Love his smile (and teeth)!

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