Monday, November 14, 2011

An Afternoon at the Park

A few weeks ago (we are still catching up) I had promised Eleanor that we might go to the park to swing. I may have promised her this for over a week. Finally the mom guilt (One of us could die and her only memory of me is of a lie or, I would be tormented by swings forever etc... etc...) made me jump up, borrow Angela's sweet stroller and take them down. Clayton was at class so it was just the three of us. I had a hard time controlling my picture taking. The lighting was beautiful, the kids were beyond cute and Eleanor was displaying some sweet sassy attitude. The "I'm a hip toddler" variety. Not the new attitude of destruction, mayhem and feistiness that has sprung up as of yesterday. I would blog about that, but I'm pretty sure that in the time I took to write it out she would start the basement on fire or wreck the car. Yes, today she got super-mad at me that I wouldn't let her drive the car. I know, I am the meanest mom ever! What? Oh, yes. The park.

Here's sweet Winston. He loved being out even though I kept him strapped in the stroller for most of the outing.
So happy.
The walk to the park is facing west, so E had to don her shades.
She was so deliriously happy. Look at her running off in the sunlight, you can almost hear her shrieking. (She was totally shrieking, "I'm wunning! I'm wunning!)
In the skylight bubble.
And up close and personal.
Going down the big slides by herself. The playground is so much more fun, now that she is brave enough to do everything.
Remember when she wasn't? Same playground, only a year and a half later.
I asked her to stop so I could take her picture. This is what she gave me. I didn't think she was familiar with Rodin, but who knows what they really teach in Nursery.
"Eleanor, look at mommy and smile." Nope. I got about eight shots of this.
Winston, however, was all attention and ready for whatever I asked of him. "Winston, be adorable." "Sure mom!"
Strapped back in and ready to leave, I didn't want the magic to end.
He finds her karate funny. Darn cuties.
I really need to take them out more, and the grocery store totally doesn't count. If we can all shake our colds and if winter wants to take a leave of absence this year, that would be terrific.


Charlotte said...

So cute! You're such a good mom.

In reference to your house not being clean enough for me: when you guys were en route, we were cleaning like crazy people and Jake said, "I feel hypocritical making them think we have a clean house." I think I swore at him, but my point is, we don't usually have a clean house.

monica said...

I think Little E must be related to Zannah Mae - Oh yeah, She is. =o) Soooo Glad for Good cameras and cute nieces and nephews!

Ann said...

Whoa. Jazzy totally pulled attitued and got mean when we wouldn't let her drive the car either. She had one hand on her hip and she was sticking that hip out as far as she could with a very demandful "I WANT to drive the car!!!". haha. Where do they get this?

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