Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dog Appreciation Day

Look at what I can do! No- not opening the door, I can braid her little hair! Ok, so I know this isn't as exciting to most of you as it is to me. But a few moms can appreciate how fun a new hairstyle is
on your little girl.
Sadly, she left them in for all of 17 seconds, but hey, at least I got the picture. This is actually over a month ago as you can see from the summer-wear.The property just behind ours houses a family that have a few dogs. They are wonderful dog owners- in that I never hear them. I suppose there is more to being a good dog owner, for all I know they have had their voice boxes removed or something equally horrifying. But as long as barking doesn't keep me up at night, and a fence keeps your dogs from "going" on my lawn- then you are awesome dog owners.
Eleanor gets excited if we are outside and she hears the dogs. I used to lift her up to look over, but that's only fun for about 10 seconds. After that my arms start quivering and I resolve to work out. Since that isn't a good idea, we found her a little step stool to peep though a knot hole.
She looks like the world's cutest pervert.
She stood there for ages on the day I took these shots. She kept saying "Hi doggy!" each time one would run past. If they got too close she would giggle and squeal.

Here is a little video of her watching the dogs. I love how she knocks on the fence, like they might open a door for her or something. And then how she waves goodbye through the tiny hole. And how she grabs her pants when I say "panting". Sorry, but she's just so cute!

And here is Eleanor's new favorite video that doesn't star Elmo. She will watch this on repeat about 80 times in a row. It's great for when I am making dinner. Sit her down and press replay every 4 minutes. It's a fun video and a great song. We love OkGo.

P.S. My blog cuts off 1/4 of the screen. Click on the Title at the top of the "screen" to see it there in full, it's much better that way.


Aubreydoll said...

"World's cutest pervert" - Love it! And those braids, I'm so jealous! It'll be at least thre years before I'll be able to do that!

The Jessee Journal said...

Second the "worlds cutest pervert" line .. .haha

Tim and Angela Johnson said...

I love your posts they are hilarious! I am glad that you and Eleanor have a way with dogs, because heaven knows I don't! See you guys tomorrow! PS great job on the braids, they are perfect just like Eleanor.

Brandon, Mandy and Benson said...

Um, SO cute. Love the video and the little perv!

King Lady said...

Hmmm. Is that perverted behavior learned or innate?
Tate laughed and laughed at the video. Keep 'em coming!
We miss you guys.

leigh said...

LOVE the OK go video! And thanks for all the name suggestions. I should send you a prize!

Lisa and company said...

hilarious (you and her)
she is a seriously precious little pervert!

Ninny Beth said...

good stuff! peeping toms, dogs and men with ira glass glasses. YUM!

Ashley said...

Love her braids. I totally hear you on how exciting a new hair do is. I can't wait for those cute things on Olivia.

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