Monday, June 28, 2010

Heber Creeper Videos!

Here are a few snippets of our day on the train. Eleanor quickly learned to make the pull-cord motion when the train whistles blew. It was funny as she did it for every single honk after she learned. What can we say? She's freaking awesome.

This second video cracks me up. It's Allie trying to plan a game of musical chairs when we get back, but I really just like the interaction between the two little cousins. Allie saying "Yep." to Eleanor when she is jabbering on about something. I also love that Eleanor hears the horn as she is getting up, stops to make the woo-woo motion and then finishes getting up and then makes it once more for good measure.

This last video is of the engine pulling around to bring the train back to Heber. Again, just cute kids doing their thing. Love it.


Ann said...

Easy Jay here - I miss my little well as my Claytonia and the best chocolate chip cookie maker in the world, a.k.a Marianne, oh Marianne (now that song is stuck in my head...ha) I so wish we could have found time to see you guys when you were in the great state of Utah, but BARBRI is a jealous mistress and won't let me do anything fun. Ann misses you guys like crazy and I think she calls out for Marianne in her sleep...not sure. I hope all is well with you guys and I look forward to pictures of the duplex since you guys have made it all fashionable and what not. Give our love to little E and play with her ears for me....ha. Love you guys!!!

Aubreydoll said...

Could Eleanor be any cuter??

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