Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today and This Week in Firth Life

Today Eleanor was following Clayton downstairs when it suddenly got a bit too quiet. I went to check it out and found her standing on the stairs hiding something.
Eleanor, whatcha got there?
Nothing mom. Such a little rascal. She found these M&Ms in the pocket of Clayton's hoodie that was hanging in the entryway. Who knows how many she had before I found her (and gave her four more to trade for the bag.)
This Week
Well, we have been a bit absent from the blog lately as we just moved. Last Saturday we lost our beloved neighbors, the Oversons. We miss them already, but congratulations on graduating EJay, I guess.
Boo. The stupid truck, the Oversons and EJay's parents.
Eleanor begging them not to go. All the neighborhood guys in one last shot together, except little Zach, he was busy......saying his goodbyes to Lauren, his one true love.Really saying goodbye...
...and trying to convince her to make a break for it. So romantic.
They really are the best of friends.

The Oversons lived five doors down the street and we moved into their apartment. After they departed, the other three neighbor families helped us move all of our stuff over the same day. What a bunch of hard workers! Holy cow! They had us up and out of there in just a few hours. Sunday after church I cleaned the old house and we are all done with that end of things. What a relief.

A few stow-aways during the move.
We love our new apartment! It has a much nicer feel all around and our wall-mates are soooo much better than our previous ones. No more F-bombs through the walls! No smoking or dogs! We still have a lot of boxes to unpack and a lot of organization to do, but we've got cable/internet set up, can shower with towels and can cook in the kitchen. Once those things are in place, I tend to lose steam. However, I am proud of only having four or so boxes that were still packed from our Utah move nine months ago. Go me!

But really, no. In an effort to get things in order I am posting the icky pictures. Look at our mess! My goal is to be pretty much set before our trip to Utah in two plus weeks. I'll show you my "before shots" of shame/horror and it will motivate me to post the "afters". Luckily, a lot of this already looks a lot better.
Here is the extra bedroom/office downstairs.
Eleanor's room. I will probably paint it blue, you know, her third blue room in a row.Our bedroom. Ooh, pretty. P. S. Isn't it embarrassing for people to see your pillows without cases on them? They look so gross so fast! Or do most people have really clean ones?Upstairs bathroom.Kitchen. Where's Waldo? Did you find her?But here is the magic. The backyard. Our beautiful fenced and gated back yard. Complete with red fence to take great pictures against. Love.And here is how Eleanor and I have enjoyed the back yard. Well, the one just next to ours. We spent our week (instead of unpacking) playing in the sun and water with the Phillips. We have had beautiful weather and so we got out the kiddie pools and let the kids go to town.
I don't know if there is a better sensation than holding a wet toddler who smells like sunscreen and grass, all wiggly and happy from playing outside. Just look at her!
Playing with the hose and freaking cold water. I love how kids just don't care. Aren't they just the cutest here with their little heads together? Check out her tummy!
I have a whole lot of shots from the last month to post soon, well, to post. The next few weeks should keep me pretty busy. Wish me some energy to get everything done!


Beckie said...

Isn't it so nice to have wonderful helpers/movers?!?!?! When we moved into our new place, we were loaded and unloaded in 2 1/2 hours (and that included a lunch break)! Sadly, I still have WA apple boxes spread throughout my house that I haven't even touched :)

Mark and Sarah said...

I loved all the pictures. Your Eleanor is getting so so cute when she always was and you think she can't get any more cute and she does! I don't think moving is going to get rid of the F-bombs- you'll have to kick Clayton out. and don't worry about your pillows you should see mine! Mark threatens to throw it out all the time, but it takes so long to get your pillow just how you like it. okay i think this comment is long enough. maybe next time i'll just call you! :)

Charlotte said...

Yay, you're back! I've missed your posts. You've been a busy woman. Congrats on the new place.
My pillows are gross, too. What's wrong with us?

Ann said...

Oh, how bitter sweet! I love all your posts! So funny. My favorite about this one : "Stupid truck..." haha, made my day! We miss you guys so much! It really was the perfect set up with the neighbors and everything! Don't know if we will ever find that again! *sigh*
Totaly love nakey Eleanor and and Miles, too funny!

Janet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aubreydoll said...

So glad you've gotten all of your stuff moved over! And, in some ways, it's actually harder to move a short distance like that (we've already done it twice) because nothing is packed and it's all just one big mess! Good luck getting everything in order!

romney,ashley, ainsley and emmaline said...

moving is a lot of work, but definately worth it! I am happy for you guys! Good luck with all the unpacking!

Tiff said...

Man you've been so busy! The move was totally worth the new place right?! We did that in Minnesota. We dealt with our first place till a fabulous place opened up. I can't wait to see you three! Travel safely!

Lisa and company said...

aren't you unpacked yet??? We need to see some Eleanor antics!

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