Monday, September 29, 2008

Favorites Tag

Thanks Michelle. I've said it before, but Michelle Cannon has the best quizzes and tags. This is all about threes. Here goes.
1- 3 Favorite Last Purchases
A. Robot stuff at Oh Sweet Sadie. Little puffy magnets and wall clings. If we don't have a boy, I am giving them to Shauna, whose idea a robot room was.
B. I will say the shiny green shoes I didn't buy at Oh Sweet Sadie, because I now plan to hunt them down and buy them. I was all proud of myself for restraining, but haven't stopped thinking about them since. Durr.
C. Our Cannon Photo Printer. We actually purchased it well over a year ago, but I finally hooked it up. My life has been changed forever.

2- 3 Greatest Fears
A. Spiders. Generic, I know. But seriously. I can't even look at pictures. I love Halloween, but hate all the fake spiders that are everywhere. The giant ones on that Mt. Rushmore thing along I-15? They're killing me.
B. Street grates. Can't walk on them without trepidation. Long story.
C. Lava. The end part of Lord of the Rings with Frodo and Sam on the rock that gets surrounded by lava... therefore no where to escape? I have nightmares about that, only it's my house. Ugh.

3- 3 Favorite Movies
A. Emma
B. Cold Comfort Farm
C. Move Over Darling
...these change on a daily basis.

4- 3 Facts About Me
A. I love our fish Wart, but am worried about his loneliness. All his buddies died this year.
B. I wish we got the Bravo channel so I could watch Top Chef, Project Runway, Top Design and Sheer Genius.
C. I love my job, but hate going to work.

And when I asked Clayton, here are three that he decided for me.

A. I love when Kevin Costner does a British accent.
B. I love waking up to Rhiana's "Disturbia" playing from downstairs. Aerobics instructors are the BEST neighbors!
C. I think the best place to build a house is in the middle of a condo parking lot. Preferably ours.

5- 3 Things I Have Not Done Yet In My Life (and might?)
A. Tried Beef Wellington (it's so weird that Betsy just had it and blogged about it, probably wasn't her first, but I was just thinking about this yesterday.) or real truffles. (Not chocolate.)
B. Been to Asia.
C. Skydived or hang glided or hot air ballooned.etc... These are less interesting to me lately. Maybe....

6- 3 Things I Can't Live Without
A. Clayton
B. Good music
C. Good food

7- 3 Things on Today's List
A. Wash our cars, hard core.
B. Sort through fabric totes. (unlikely to really get done)
C. Sweep off our front steps.

8-3 Favorite Foods
A. Dad's turkey dinner.
B. Sweet & Sour Meatballs with rice.
C. Steak with mushrooms and creamed peas.

9- 3 Places I've Lived
A. Manson Washington
B. Rexburg Idaho
C. Fresno California. (ugh)

10- 3 Favorite TV Shows
A. The Return of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett. On PBS at 11 PM on Sunday nights.
B. Good Eats with Alton Brown.
C. The Soup with Joel McHale.

11- 3 Last Places I've traveled
Disclaimer- these were for work, so not too exciting.
A. Twin Falls Idaho
B. Denver Colorado
C. San Diego California

12- 3 Favorite Desserts
A. Dad's chocolate cake with his chocolate cream cheese frosting.
B. Banana Spring Rolls at P.F. Changs. (Bananas fried in won ton skins served with warm fresh berries over pineapple ice cream with caramel and coconut sauce. How is it not every one's favorite?)
C. Right now? Peppermint patties. Not really a dessert, I know. OK, how about Sam's Club or Costco cakes?

13- 3 Things I Would Buy If $ Were No Issue
A. A Disney cruise for each year for my whole family.
B. An awesome Serger machine. (They're not that much, just enough that it's hard to justify.)
C. A real Rothko.

14- 3 Wishes
A. Lots of healthy babies.
B. For no one close to me to die until they (or I) are super old. What am I, five?
C. For the election to be over. So. Sick. Of. It.

15- 3 People I tag
A. Kirsten of course.
B Shauna
C. Camille
D. Anyone who wants to. Oh crap, that's four. Only three? I wanna know what Monica and Tiff and Betsy and Leigh and Shelli and Jenni and..... you get the point.


Shauna said...

Shoot-did I miss the Oh Sweet Sadie show? I meant to go, and I'm sure I missed out on at least 10 items that Lucy totally didn't need.

Beef Wellington-everytime I see it, I think, "oh-so delicious in all it's golden puff pastry glory". And then I remember the pate, and I'm not so sure.

leigh said...

So I've been meaning to tell you thanks for your lovely comment about the kitchen a while ago. It really made my week that week.

AND congratulations on the babe. (I was going to say the parasite, because that's what we used to call ours, but I thought you maybe wouldn't like that . . .)

Helicougar said...

It's always fun reading your blog. What do you mean by "tag"?


Allison Hansen said...

Hey, I've been thinking about this since learning of your fascination with mod cartoon techie characters at Oh Sweet Sadie...check out for fun bedding, particularly for little dudes. I just went to the site, and although they don't have "robots" per se, they've got this cute intergalactic print and a submarine adventure one I liked. I heard they're doing an online sample sale soon.

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