Friday, April 11, 2008


Hello all.
Clayton and I returned this week from Paris. Clayton went with our good friend Collin on April 1st and I joined them a few days later. We had a great time. Too many pictures to choose from, so rather than blog it all out, I am just going to post this link to our web album.

PS. I recently cut bangs- so now I look a little like Hannah Montana if I'm not careful. (Looking like HM is not something I want.) Also, I swore that I would never jump on the leggings trend as I feel I am too old to pull it off. However, I caved and ended up buying a pair to wear with a dress that was a twee-bit too short. Arriving in Paris, it turned out to be much more cold than the forecasters had predicted and I ended up wearing them everyday for warmth. So forgive me for dressing like I am 17 again. I promise- I know my age and plan to behave accordingly soon.


Shauna said...

Your bangs look awesome (and not at all in an "i heart hannah" sort of way). Your trip looks like it was fabulous. Where next?

Tiff said...

Hi Allison! I have loved reading of your travels! Wow! It looks like you and Clayton are doing great! (this is Tiff Summers by the way.)

Matt & Michelle Cannon Family said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiff said...

Oh my gosh! I just realized I'm a huge dork (actually I have known that for quite a long time!) What I meant to say in my last comment is... HI MARIANNE!!! Can you tell I had just been reading 'five red heads?' Soooo Sorry! I'm glad we have found each other's blogs!

Matt & Michelle Cannon Family said...

We need an update, Marianne! What have you guys been up to!?

Mark & Sarah Turpin said...

i love the bangs! Bangs are nice, becuase they can cover up the fact that you haven't done anything with your eyebrows in a long time. :)

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