Thursday, August 31, 2006

Woo Hoo! Marriage Rules!!

The wedding was a dream come true. If I ever figure out how to share pictures, I will post them here. Sure, it was the morning of tears and stress,( the evening before I got 1&1/2 hours of sleep) but it all came together. I didn't lose a pound, my hair was nowhere near what I wanted, my dress ripped halfway through the day (not due to my not losing pounds, the lace got caught on a truck bumper), Clayton's tie was hilarious and I didn't even get to eat a thing at the reception that featured all of my favorite treats. But the magic... the sealing was beautiful, my family were beautiful. People looked happy and I could feel their well-wishing in a tangible way. The luncheon felt like a surprise birthday party. I saw friends and family at the reception that I hadn't seen in years. It was a charmed day. There were such lovely moments... the sun setting over the lake, my little nephews eating the wedding cake (they were the only ones), friends gathered around watching our wedding video, riding off in the cool dark night in a golf cart as the entire party looked down at us and waved... everything was so beautiful. Everyone worked so hard for us, again with the tangible love. I feel sad for anyone who's wedding wasn't ours. And then we flew off (first class, my job rules) to Paris, Vienna and Rome. Trust me, we know how completely spoiled and ridiculously blessed we are. It was all so wonderful, but I have to say that the best part of all of it- is coming home each day knowing he will be there.


Kirsten J said...

Hey. I ate that cake too. Rice krispy treat covered in frosting? And Darren too. He doesn't like cake. So when he found out that parts of it were actually rice krispie inside, he was duly impressed and grateful.

Your wedding was so dreamy. I'm so glad you liked it. And I need to burn you another copy of the video too. Sorry I've forgotten about that. Oh and I read today that Hilary Swank was running from paparazzi in Rome because she wanted to keep it on the DL that she's hooked up with some married guy who is also her agent. So I'm thinking that's why she was so agitated about the photo.

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