Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wow I wished I blogged more

I actually do, only it's on tiny scraps of paper at work. And who knows what I do with those. These scraps also contain titles of books I want to read, music to listen to or buy, words I don't understand the meaning of and want to look up, lists of things I need to do that week, lists of things I need at the grocery store etc... I find that I can produce a copious amount of lists. They are practically like journals, too bad they aren't dated. Most of the world has a better way to do it. I have a friend that uses her good old Franklin Covey planner every blessed hour. Another is so organized on her PC that if she were to have a house fire, she would never recover. Palms, magic phones that work better than Palms, even I-pods now, they keep everyone informed and on time but me. I like to stick to the random paper idea. These slips of paper end up all over my house, my car,in my purses and bags. I never find them in time to use them effectively, but I love finding them. "Oh yeah" I think, "Radiohead was going to be on Letterman last week. Bet that was good". or "Hey- I forgot to buy spray starch at the store".
Hopefully I will soon find one of my errant pieces of paper with a good blog written on it. Then maybe I can blog about something other than blogging.

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