Monday, March 13, 2006

Where am I going?

I know where I should be going. Why can't I steer myself there a little better? I have goals and ideas of what I want to happen, what is keeping me from achieving them? I put the blame solely on myself. A friend and I were talking about what to do next. New jobs, new cities etc... It seems I only make these decisions when something happens TO me and I react. Which is sad because one of my all time favorite quotes is:

It is following the lines of least resistance that makes rivers and men crooked.
-Ralph Parlette
Isn't that what I am doing? If anyone has any advice for me, let me have it. Bring it on. I am a sail that needs to be blown somewhere. I feel lame and deflated and bored. My challenges seem insurmountable at times. Well, this time. I want some encouraging stories or well intentioned advice. Or maybe just a good joke to kick me out of this mood.


Kirsten J said...

Joke and advice, coming up.

Joke: Freep. You know the rest.

Advice: actually not advice but personal anecdote. One day I got up, changed my major, packed my crap in my car and drove to the city with no idea where I'd live, where I'd work, and who I'd meet. I had no money, no friends, and no real backup plan.

That part of my life was the path of most resistance for me. And it didn't make me any better of a person necessarily but it made my life stronger and sweeter. I am overjoyed just typing about it now. :) I guess this has been vague but you should mix it up and surprise yourself! Do something you think would be impossible. Basically, get married and moved to the University District or Sugarhouse where you belong. Once your husband grauates, of course.

lovestrong said...

I find when I feel restless like this that the Lord is trying to teach me something. It's figuring out what that something is that is the hard part. And I've found that life will often mix things up for us when we're not sure how to create our own change.

But my advice is to take little adventures on the way to figuring out what your next big one will be. Is there something you've always wanted to try? For example, I've always had a passing interest in trying rock climbing and bellydancing (not necessarily together). I've finally decided I'm gonna do something about those things even though they're totally new for me. They'll just be little adventures, but I'll be exploring new parts of my personality. I think doing little things like that can give you some small sense of change and accomplishment.

Ninny Beth said...

m- I love you, please join the effing blog and end my misery. Also, I don't have real advice for you because when I was feeling restless, I created drama and now look where it got me. In trouble all over the place. I say ride out the restless storm in relative obscurity and pretty soon things will start moving on their own.
I guess that kind of WAS some advice. Sorry.

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