Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Alyssa Milano is just an idiot.

Rather than attach her to a list of celebrities who bug, I thought I'd just give her a few minutes of my time with no distractions. This woman is such a relationship genius that she has been in a multitude of massively public breakups. And actions like posing nude and roles in major lame-o-la movies has proven that she is not exactly a rocket scientist. You can just check US Weekly or the like for a catalog of her dysfunctional life. She never really made my radar before until I read a recent article about her and she had the nerve to blame her parents, her happily married and very normal parents- for her dysfunctional relationships. See, from her point of view, she never knew that you could be a happy adult and be single. Because her parents were happy and married. She didn't know there was another option. Wow.(not WoW) She is an ID-I-OT. What a ridiculous slant to put on normal. Now nuclear families will get blamed for any screwing up that happens too. It's bad enough that we live in a society that encourages us to look anywhere but at ourselves for explanations for our horrible behavior. Now we apparently have one more place to blame. Happiness. She is baleeted.


Adam said...

Hey I noticed you mentioned.... Oh, nevermind.

Yeah, she is an idiot. But her dad was the boss, so that makes it ok.

Synergy said...

Ya- sorry for the teaser. -M

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