Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Why does opportunity knock when your makeup has worn off, you didn't wash your hair, and a passenger has just spilled tomato juice on you? It is also at hour 13 of a painfully weary day that started at 4 AM (started work, not wake up!). Yes, this is when the United States Men's Volleyball team all lumber onto my plane. All of them. All of them strapping, tall, clean cut and foxy. All on my little plane. And I am looking like the saddest, little orphan Dickens could've ever conjured up for this day and age. One by one they pass me on their way to their seats. Smiling and polite. I want to hide in a hole. There are no holes on an airplane. Nor are there available corners to touch up makeup and hair. Too bad I spent my last break finding new spots on my face to irritate and split ends to, well, split. Should've maybe brushed my teeth, hair, lint off the sweater etc... Oh well. It wasn't an opportunity anyhow. I just would've liked to imagine them seeing me at my best. Or at least my most average. This isn't so much a blog as an internal rant. Is there a difference?


Adam said...

I like your post, it seems perfect that I read it today. Not like I've walked on the moon or anything, but I didn't shower today between helping mom plant trees and work. What could happen? I work nights! Well, the boss decided to stay late in order to say "hi" to Adam. Great, I'm wearing a less than clean t-shirt, my Rush baseball cap, and who knows how much dirt in on my jeans.

Kirsten J said...

Story of my life. Story of my life. Every time the bishop "drops in" to check on The House Of Women, I'm wearing a skank tank coupled with some gross pair of sweats, eating microwave chimichangas and/or wafer cookies. Unless it's the Sabbath, in which case it's a massive spread of Dairy Queen boxes we just brought home sprawled across the living room floor. Forget the kitchen table, silverware, napkins and opposable thumbs.

Adam said...

Time to post again sis. It's been over 3 months.

Kirsten J said...

Yeah, what he said. If you don't put up some new material i may have to resort to homework.

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