Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not on topic...

...but so important! Yes on Prop 8.
I had a really hard time with the issue of gay marriage in the past. I have a few friends who have struggled with lifestyle choices and a ton of co-workers who are happily out. (Obviously, in my line of work.) I never really had a problem with how other people wanted to live their lives. It didn't seem to affect me personally, so who am I to say...what have you... etc... etc... I know what I believe personally so what does it matter what others... I don't want to make waves... etc...etc...
See how I can never get a concrete thought out about it? I am always so worried about offending other people who believe differently than me. So then I read this article. Lovely Alison linked to it in her blog and I can't thank her enough.

The Divine Institution of Marriage

It's a little long, but it covers the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's official stand on the issue. Which is a loving and understanding position. I get frustrated when people accuse the church of being hateful or cruel to those dealing with homosexuality or abortion or other sensitive issues. Yes, people in the church are human and sometimes say horrible things, but that is never condoned. Which is why I so often tread lightly around those topics. I don't want someone of another faith or persuasion to judge the entire religion based on my uneducated musings.
So- read this article. I'm not trying to change any one's position, I just want people to understand that by not supporting same-sex marriage, I (and others) am not a bigoted hate-filled person. I don't think less of anyone dealing with the personal issue of sexual orientation. I don't want their life to be any harder than it already is. But I don't believe that same-sex marriage should be legal. The article explains why so many Mormons are now against supporting legalized same-sex marriages when in the past we have usually stood on the side-lines. It has far reaching effects that I hadn't even considered. Adoption rights, college housing, and even our legal status as a religion to name a few. The Catholic church closed it's Boston chapter of it's adoption services because it would have to include the same services to gay couples. No religion should be forced to cater to lifestyles not supported in their doctrines.

I also found this link interesting, though not as solid as the LDS News article.

Massachusetts' Diversity Laws

So there is my most political blog to date. I hope everyone that reads this blog isn't put off by it. Again, I am not trying to change any one's mind. I just want people to understand this side of the issue.
Trust me, I will be back to baby news and fall crafts in no time.


Matt and Michelle said...

I love it! Thanks for the link to the article! It's perfect!!

leigh said...

I've been thinking a lot about this lately too. We have a gay couple as neighbors and Jack (8) asked me the other day about it. I have been nervous in the past about what to say because they are great people and I wasn't exactly sure what to tell him. But when I answered his question, I didn't feel bad about saying that marriage between a man and a woman is how Heavenly Father wants things to be. And at the same time, we still love our neighbors, even when they don't make the same choices we do. It is hard sometimes to stand up for what's right without stepping on toes but it's worth it. I'm kind of sad I don't live in California anymore because I want to vote for Prop 8, so I went to the website the other day and donated to it. Anyone else who wants to help but doesn't live in California can do the same and they have other ideas of how to help on the website.

Wendi said...

Well said Marianne! I wish I had read your post before I posted on Alison's. I sounded like a real idiot trying to write what I thought. Trying being the operative word here. I don't agree one bit with same sex marriages but I love a person dearly that does. Here's to life.

Helicougar said...

Marianne, I just learned that Steve Young (49ers) and his family gave an official statement to the media that they will vote NO on Proposition 8. I'm VERY disappointent and shocked. It's one thing to vote against it and it's another to provide an official statement. They are openly going against the church in this matter. It would have been better if they had remained silent on the issue. Shelli S.

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