Monday, December 31, 2007

Adorable Niece Part 1

This is my niece Megan. She is a seventeen old cheerleader and all around doll. Here she is with her dad. She was so much fun to have on the boat. Someone who appreciates all of my celebrity gossip, my need to suntan (futile), and watched Enchanted with me twice! (We have been quoting it ever since.)
Here she is walking darling Allie down the stairs. She is so good with her baby sister and is a major help to her parents.
Hot mama in Key West. I avoided any swimsuit shots for fear that perverts might find her pics. But trust me, she is darling and not someone you want to be photographed next to.
Here she is walking Allie on the deck. Mac still wont permanently turn my pictures. I've searched online and it seems to be a very common problem. Grrr.
Prom night.
Ready for sinking.

Tommy actually fell asleep at dinner. (Again, 15 year old boys with an entire boat to explore meant late nights.) Megan prepared to wake him up for dessert.
Megan and Allie on deck 10. Allie tries to do anything Megan does. So do I, but it isn't quite as adorable. More sad really.


Adam said...

Sometimes I point out pictures of my nieces and nephews as proof that our family is gorgeous.

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