Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lalalalalalala life is wonderful, cause I just took a six hour nap!

Ya, that ought to be good for me. In my defense, I slept for two to three hours total the night before. Still. Luckily I awoke in time to catch The Office at nine p.m. I love this show. I know I am like the very last person on board, but oh well. So back to me. Why was I up so late last night? Oh- I thought midnight was a great time to e-file my taxes. So that's done. Thank heavens. Wouldn't want to get down to the wire and think "if only I had spent an hour and a half about three months ago...". This is basically a perfect example of how I do not use my time wisely. Prioritizing is sort of a weak spot for me. See 'We Heart Boys' for more on that. Assuming I remember to blog on that after this. It would be in like twenty minutes or so and how on earth could I keep that sort of idea current in my mind for that long. If you would like a good idea of how my mind works read 'And You Will Know Our Velocity' by David Eggers. Not my favorite book, but he talks about the filing system in his head and how he can't find the right files at the right time. And how he has the entirely wrong files brought to him at the worst times ever. I can relate. Ever been sitting somewhere important and can't get something stupid and trivial out of your head? Like the soundtrack to Wicked when you are at the Temple? Or just about anything ridiculous when you are taking the sacrament? That would be me. I surreptitiously look around at everyone else and assume they are thinking amazing and life changing spiritual thoughts. Me? I'm trying to remember what day the Miss America Pageant will air on CMT. Then I snap back and feel guilty or stupid and try to focus on the topic at hand. (You know, like the Lord's atonement.) I find I have to read a hymn or scriptures on ADD days like this. Sometimes I am just fine. Lately I have been bringing treats to church. Chewy Sprees are the best. Quiet and a major blast of sugar to help tie you through the boring talks till the one good speaker. Sometimes they are all good, but in a singles ward that is often not the case. Anyone else tired of singles wards? I am. Anyhow. Enough about my failings in the Gospel. My last thought for the blog is my new favorite song. Jason Mraz, total guilty pleasure, but hey. I love him. Deal with it. The song is called 'Life is Wonderful', from his second album 'Mr.A-Z'. (Get it? Mraz?) Anyhow, it is the sweetest and most happy song out there right now and I love it and you will too. I-tunes. Now. You all are commanded. Trust me, it's much better to have stuck in your head during church than say '40 Feet' by Franz. Which is my favorite Franz song. Just not a perfect fit Sunday morning.


Kirsten J said...

I listened to a meditation tape once (don't laugh) and it coaxed you into relaxing your mind and yada yada, and one of the things it said that jumped out at me was "don't judge your thoughts." When you're trying to meditate (translation: relax...I'm not a real Buddist) you think your thoughts need to be pure and deep and free of anything other than zen (translation: chill). But homework and unreturned emails and dirty laundry barges into my thoughts when I do this. Trying not to judge my thoughts was really helpful. Now, in the middle of the Temple when you're supposed to be thinking of Holy things, it's probably not the best to be balking at an episode of Sex and the City. But personally, I found it helpful to make a point not to judge my own thoughts...because it actually makes them go away much easier.

Synergy said...

Kir, I love this idea. I think one of my major hang ups is not being able to forgive myself for anything bad or wrong I think, say or do. Guilt of course has it's place, but hanging on to guilt is one of satan's favorite tools to keep us from progressing. Don't judge your thoughts. I think Ill go write that on my mirror. Do you think the hotel would mind? JK, I'm home.

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